The House System

Every Riverian belongs to a House. Through participation in House activities, pupils will nurture respect for diversity and foster a sense of affiliation to the House and to the school.

The House theme is Sparkling Gems. The child is at the centre of the work of the school and the teacher. Every child is a precious gem. Gems are uncovered through great effort and deep searches, just like the school’s and teachers’ endeavor to teach, mould and inspire the child.

There are 4 Houses in the school. The House colours and names are as follows:
Blue House - Sapphire
Green House - Emerald
Red House - Ruby
Yellow House - Topaz

Through the House System, Riverians will interact across classes, grade levels, learning areas and school events. They will thus learn to celebrate diversity and foster the House spirit and the School spirit. The school will organise a variety of House-based activities to engage pupils. The signature House-based events are the annual HouseWarming and the annual Riverside Sports and Games Day.