2019 Riverside Primary School Open House


Programme For Open House on 20 Jul 2019

Time Activity Venue Activity
From 8.30am
Foyer(Level 1) Registration by parents who have signed up for Open House
 9.00am to 10.00am Talk by Principal School Hall (Level 3) Talk for Prospective Parents on Preparing Your Child for P1 and Getting to Know Riverside Primary School
10.10am to 10.45am P1 Performances
School Hall (Level 3)
Performances by P1 Students
11.10am to 11.45am P2 Performances
School Hall (Level 3)
Performances by P2 Students

Riverside Programme Showcase (10.45am to 12.00pm)

Activity Venue
Applied Learning Programme “PlayWorks” Showcase
Activity Station
R.Cove (Level 1)
PE Activity Stations SPARKLE Deck (Level 1)
 CCE Project Exhibition   R.Estuary (Level 1)
 Art Exhibition  R.Estuary (Level 1)
 Mother Tongue (Chinese/Malay/Tamil Language) Activity Stations  R.Harmony (Level 1)

 Please click on the link to register for the Open House.