What is PlayWorks?

PlayWorks is Riverside's original curriculum innovation and Applied Learning Programme (ALP) to nurture Critical and Inventive Thinking in our Joyful and Purposeful Learners. PlayWorks engages our Riverians in critical and inventive thinking and collaborative problem solving, using different design materials and tools. Our Riverians also nurture values and build character through their involvement in PlayWorks.

The PlayWorks protocol has five inventive processes (Understand, Plan, Design, Build and Improvise) and three essential processes (Communication, Collaboration and Reflection). The "Sparkling with Character in Purposeful Play" framework spells out the behavioural expectations based on the school's SPARKLE Values. For example, Riverians are expected to demonstrate Perseverance by never giving up and Adaptability by being open-minded and flexible when engaged in PlayWorks.


Riverians engaged in active discussions and reflections with their peers and teachers during PlayWorks activities.