The Mathematics Department is guided by the Mathematics Curriculum Framework of the Ministry of Education. It emphasizes conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills in the teaching and learning of mathematics. These components are integral to the development of mathematical problem solving ability.

The Primary Mathematics Syllabus aims to:

  • enable all pupils to acquire mathematical concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics;
  • develop thinking, reasoning, communication, application and metacognitive skills through a mathematical approach to problem-solving;
  • build confidence and foster interest in mathematics

Holistic Assessment (HA)

Holistic Assessment is carried out for two main purposes. They are to:

  • measure pupils’ attainment and report evidence of learning in different learning areas
  • support pupils’ learning and classroom teaching

It focuses on providing information on the learning progress of the child. Through formative and summative assessment tools, both quantitative and qualitative feedback are provided to help the child learn about his/her strengths, weaknesses and steps he/she could take to improve in his/her learning.