Our Beliefs

We believe that Art allows students to stay connected with their surroundings by providing them opportunities to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings and express themselves through creating and making. 

Objectives of Art Curriculum 

The objectives of our six-year art curriculum are as follows: 

  • Enjoy and appreciate art of local and global cultures.
  • Discuss artworks using basic art vocabulary.
  • Explore the various uses of different art media and techniques through art-making.
  • Apply appropriate processes, techniques and materials into their artworks.
  • Discuss intentions of their artworks and interpret other artworks. 

In Riverside, teachers engage students in positive and safe learning experiences where they develop sensory awareness, imagination and visual inquiry skills to discover and explore their surroundings. Students are also engaged in art discussions, using See, Think, Wonder at lower primary and Feldman Approach at upper primary, which allows them to describe and interpret artworks with appropriate art terms.

The school’s curriculum provides students with insights on Elements of Art, Principles of Design, Art Forms, Art Techniques and Art Values. Students are also introduced to different types of materials, as well as iPad applications, where they get to explore and experiment with a variety of mediums to create artworks.