National Education

National Education is an instrumental part of Character and Citizenship Education at Riverside. It seeks to develop in students the civic knowledge, understanding, skills, values, motivation and identity with the hope that students will be able to play their role well as concerned citizens and active contributors, and to co-construct the next chapter of Singapore. 

National Education is anchored on the following citizenship dispositions:

  • A sense of belonging
  • A sense of reality
  • A sense of hope
  • The will to act

In Riverside, the citizenship dispositions are incorporated in the curriculum in various subjects. Commemoration of the four National Education events seeks to develop in our students an understanding and appreciation of Singapore and citizenship in this world of complexity. To achieve this, the school takes on the 3Es approach:

  • Engage: To get Riverians to be interested in issues and get them thinking about it
  • Experience: To provide platforms for Riverians to talk about these issues
  • Enrich: To improve Riverians’ learning experience so that they will be concerned citizens and active contributors

The 3Es approach, together with the school’s SPARKLE values, frame our students’ learning and instil in them the love for the nation as well as the people around them.