Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP)

Form Teachers play a central role in shaping the development of their young charges. The Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) enables Form Teachers to better cater to each pupil’s holistic development (especially their Social and Emotional Learning) and build closer teacher-pupil rapport.

The Social-Emotional Competencies we seek to develop in every child are as follows:

Your child has self-awareness if he/she understands his/her own emotions, strengths, inclinations and weaknesses.

Your child can manage himself/herself effectively if he/she has the capacity to manage his/her own emotions. He/She should be self-motivated, exercise discipline and display strong goal-setting and organizational skills.

Social Awareness
Your child has social awareness if he/she has the ability to accurately discern different perspectives, recognize and appreciate diversity, empathize with and respect others.

Relationship Management
Your child can manage relationships effectively if he/she has the ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships through effective communication, and is able to work with others to resolve issues and provide assistance.

Responsible Decision-Making
Your child can make responsible decisions if he/she has the capacity to identify and analyze a situation competently. He/She should be able to reflect upon the implications of decisions made, based on personal, moral and ethical considerations.

2017 FTGP Lesson Focuses

Primary One & Primary Two Primary Three and Primary Four Primary Five
Feeling Safe and Happy Growing Together Deepening Our Bonds
Knowing My Teacher and Friend We Enjoy Working As One We Have Team Spirit
We Work Well Together Explore and Discover Dream For Our Future
Cyberwellness Cyberwellness Knowing Myself
Protection From Abuse Protection From Abuse Appreciating Diversity
Education and Career Guidance

SPARKLE Value Lessons
Term 1: Responsibility & Perseverance
Term 2: Kindness & Adaptability
Term 3: Strength of Character & Enthusiasm
Term 4: Leadership & Sincerity