School Crest


The river with its life-giving characteristics and continuous flow provides the inspiration for the school logo.

The flow of the river is depicted by the three blue lines. The first blue line represents the school’s Purpose in terms of its philosophy and directions, approaches, environment and culture. The second blue line represents the school’s People including the school leaders, teachers, school staff, parents and community partners who synergistically come together as one to provide a high quality of education for pupils. The third blue line represents the school’s Programmes and Pedagogies which enable pupils’ holistic development. The colour blue is chosen as it is associated with stability and depth as well as confidence and intelligence.

Emerging from the flow of the river water is a rising star which symbolizes our pupils soaring from the care and nourishment provided by the school, constant flow of learning and quest for knowledge and excellence to achieve their aspirations.

The effect of the sun’s rays on the river produces an inter-play of colours that sparkle. With the holistic school and curriculum experience at Riverside Primary School, our pupils will sparkle as confident persons, self-directed learners, active contributors and concerned citizens. The sparkle is depicted by the seven bright yellow stars and one blue rising star which represent the eight SPARKLE values and dispositions of pupils of Riverside Primary School.

Strength of Character