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School Rules


School Expectation

1. Every student of Riverside Primary School must conduct himself/herself in a manner which upholds the good name of the school.

Proper Attire and Neat Appearance
 RSPS Uniform and PE Attire.jpg


2. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform (as well as PE attire) and modification to the school uniform (as well as PE attire) is not allowed.

3. Name-tags should be sewn on the edge of the pocket of the shirt for boys; and above the school crest on the blouse for girls and on the PE T-shirt.

4. Students should wear plain white socks and low-cut white canvas shoes. Socks should be visibly seen above the ankles. Ankle socks are not allowed.

5. Boys and girls are to have short, neatly combed hair. The fringe is to be above the eyebrows. Girls who keep long hair should have their hair tied or plaited neatly. Only plain black or dark blue ribbons, hair clips and hair bands can be used.

6. Students are not to have tinted hair.

7. Boys must be neat in appearance and clean-shaven. No facial hair is allowed.

8. Students are to keep their nails short, clean and free from nail polish.

9. Students are not allowed to wear jewellery and accessories with the school uniform. Only girls are allowed to wear small ear studs. Multiple ear studs on one ear are not allowed.

National Anthem and Pledge
10. Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

11. All students must display respectful behaviour during the singing of the National Anthem and the recitation of the National Pledge.

Attendance and Punctuality
12. All students are expected to attend school on a daily basis.

13. Students are to be punctual for school, for all lessons and for all activities.

14. Students who are absent from school owing to illness are to present a Medical Certificate issued by a doctor. Students who are absent from school owing to other reasons are to present a letter of explanation from the parents and the relevant supporting documents.

15. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds during the school day without permission.

School Property and Facilities 
16. Students are to take care of all school property and equipment.

School Canteen

17. Students are to queue up when buying food in the canteen.

18. Students are to consume food only in the canteen.

Students are to return all plates and utensils to the pails provided at the canteen after eating.

Students should not run and play in the canteen.

School Cleanliness
21. Students must not litter.

22. Students must not mess up any part of the school premises.

Personal Items
23. Students are not allowed to bring personal items that will cause distraction to themselves and others (e.g. toys, trading cards and *mobile devices) to school on their own accord.

24. Students who bring such personal items to school without permission will have the items confiscated by the school as a disciplinary measure or for the purpose of investigation.
 *Mobile devices include, but not limited to, handphones, tablets, laptops and smart watches.



25. Students can bring a handphone to school, after parents inform the school through a letter.

26. Students who bring a handphone to school are to be fully responsible for the safety and security of the handphone. 

27. Throughout the school day, students are to switch off the handphone or put it to the silent mode, unless otherwise instructed by the school staff.

28. Students can only use the handphone after the end of all activities in the school day for the purpose of contacting their parents and family. They can do so only in the school canteen or the school foyer.

29. Students found using their handphones during any learning activity (e.g. classroom lesson, CCA session and academic support/enrichment lesson) without permission may have their handphones confiscated as a disciplinary measure or for the purpose of investigation. 

Serious Offences

Possession of Weapons or Weapon-like Items
30. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

Other Serious Offences
31. Students must not commit the following serious offences: 
      a)  Vandalism
      b)  Use of vulgar language or gestures
      c)  Fighting
      d)  Assault
      e)  Bullying
      f)  Theft
      g)  Forgery
      h)  Cheating during a test or examination
      i)   Setting off of fire alarm
      j)   Arson
      k)  Smoking
      l)   Substance abuse
      m) Bringing of undesirable or banned items to school
      n)  Altering or hacking of computer programs
      o)  Surfing of undesirable websites or installation of undesirable software or programs
      p)  Being rude, disrespectful or openly defiant to a teacher or staff member
      q)  Misbehaviour and misconduct in the neighbourhood and outside school
      r)   Any other offence deemed serious by the School Disciplinary Board

32. Students who breach any of the above school rules will be appropriately dealt with. The consequences will be in accordance with the type and nature of the offence. The consequences may include corrective work order, in-school suspension, home suspension, caning and expulsion, among other consequences deemed suitable by the School.