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School Directions

Riverside Primary School builds a strong foundation for life for Riverians by offering a holistic, balanced, relevant and creatively delivered curriculum experience. We nurture our pupils in a safe and health-promoting environment and with an ethos of care, respect and inclusiveness.
The School Vision is "The Best from Each, A Better Future for All"
The School Mission is "Inspire Learning, Nurture Character, Build Community".

The  SPARKLE Values   spell out the qualities every Riverian is expected to develop and possess, namely "Strength of character, Perseverance, Adaptability, Responsibility, Kindness, Leadership, Enthusiasm and Sincerity.


The School Motto is "Learning Together, Growing Together, Sparkling Together".


We have mapped out four Strategic Focuses to develop the whole child.

(a) Developing Joyful and Productive Learners

(b) Nurturing Connected Citizens of Good Character

(c) Knowing Every Child, Growing Every Child

(d) Leveraging People and Partnerships


We adopt three key  School Approaches   to providing conditions that are hospitable for learning and growth on a day-to-day basis.

(a) A positive school tone of care, respect and discipline

(b) A safe and health-promoting school

(c) A vibrant and stimulating learning environment


We strive to build a School Culture that is anchored by inclusiveness and affiliation (For Riverside and Riverians!) and propelled by learning and excellence (From Good to Great!).