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Principal's Message



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Welcome to the website of Riverside Primary School!


Riverside. Sparkle. … The imagery from the name “Riverside” comes vividly as the sparkling interplay of colours created by the sun’s rays reflecting off a flowing river. This imagery is inspiring for our work in education as it symbolises the fruition of the school’s education efforts as pupils rise from strength to strength from the care and nourishment provided by the school in partnership with parents and stakeholders.

This imagery inspired the school’s 8 SPARKLE Values of Strength of character, Perseverance, Adaptability, Responsibility, Kindness,Leadership, Enthusiasm and Sincerity. The SPARKLE Values form the basis of character and citizenship education in Riverside and guide the way we are, think, act and interact with one another.

The imagery was the impetus for the school motto “Learning Together, Growing Together, Sparkling Together”, reminding pupils that school is a common social space for them to come together harmoniously and to inspire them to learn, grow and sparkle together.


The school's journey to nurture our pupils is made possible by people: our confident,competent, caring and committed teachers and staff; our supportive and collaborative parents; and our partners with whom we have grown purposeful and sustainable partnerships in education. We work as a team to nurture our Riverians, bring out the best from each and every individual, and steward them to learn, lead and serve. As we work hand-in-hand, we are proud of the culture we have fostered, one rich with inclusiveness and affiliation and one that is propelled by learning and excellence.

Riverians. Our Purpose. … The journey is joyful, productive and meaningful because we know we are working together for our Riverians.The effervescence of their being, the smiles on their faces, the sparkle in their eyes, the horizon of their learning and the promise of their future give us purpose for our hard-work, heart-work and team-work in education.

In this website, we are proud to share our Purpose, Programmes, People and Partnerships. We hope that the information will help you to connect with our school and be part of our story.


For Riverside and Riverians! From Good to Great!


Mrs Sharon Siew

Principal, Riverside Primary School