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Values in Action

Values in Action (VIA) aims to develop our pupils as socially concerned and responsible citizens who have Awareness of community and environment concerns, possess a sense of Affiliation with the community and natural environment, and are called to Action to lead, serve and shape a cohesive community, healthy environment and sustainable future for all.



Gardening for a Sustainable Future


Caring for plants, trees and the environment nurtures in our pupils Awareness of community and environment concerns, fosters an Affiliation with the community and natural environment and calls them to Action to shape a green and healthy environment for all. Our pupils are actively involved in caring for the plants that are allocated to their classes. They are tasked to monitor the growth of the plants as well as nurture them by watering and caring for them daily. Through the gardening process, pupils fully appreciate the 3Ps for a Sustainable Future ... Perspiration, Patience and Perseverance.


2017 Gardening for A Sustainable Future


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Keep Singapore Clean Movement in School

Class duty is necessary to build the sense of Responsiblity, Teamwork and sense of Belonging to the class.  Everyone has a part to play in keeping the classroom clean and neat.


Keep Singapore Clean Movement in School_1.jpg

Keep Singapore Clean Movement in School_2.jpg

Cleanliness in the Classrooms

Riverside Primary School_CanteenCleanliness1.jpgRiverside Primary School_CanteenCleanliness3.jpg

Cleanliness in the Canteen



Cleanliness in the Community

Our Primary 3 and Primary 4 pupils were involved in litter picking @ Woodlands Crescent Park.




Project Earth

Project Earth is another of the school's VIA activity that encourages all Riverians to shape a green and healthy environment for all. Students are encouraged to bring recyclable materials fortnightly to support the recycling activity. Through this, pupils are made to realize that every act of recycling truly helps.

Riverside Primary School_ProjectEARTH1.jpg

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Riverside Primary School_ProjectE.A.R.T.H1.jpg

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Values in Action Project (Reuse, Recreate, Reflect)

R3 is a VIA Project which our Primary 2 and Primary 3 pupils are required to do during the school holiday. Our pupils make use of Playwork Protocol and recycled materials to create items based on the themes provided. In 2016, our pupils did "Icons of Woodlands" and selected pupils' works were put on display during Riverside Official Opening.