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Social Studies and National Education

Social Studies


The school's Social Studies programme strives to prepare pupils to be citizens of tomorrow by helping them to understand the interconnectedness in the world that they live in. It seeks to develop informed, concerned and participative citizens who can make responsible decisions and can contribute to society actively. 


Our pupils are engaged  in varied ways during lessons through:


  • use of key understanding to reflect the main insights that pupils would gain through the study of each topic.

  • use of inquiry and guiding questions to enable pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the content.

  • emphasis on SPARKLES values to develop self-knowledge and the understanding of the feelings, experiences, needs and interests of others.

  • field-based learning journeys to help pupils explore surroundings and make connections to topics learnt.



2016 Social Studies Field-Based Learning Journey



Primary 1 Learning Journey to Jacob Ballas Children's Garden




Primary 2 Learning Journey to National Orchid Garden




Primary 3 Learning Journey to Marina Barrage






Primary 4 Learning Journey to "The Future of Us" Exhibition




National Education


National Education is an instrumental part of Character and Citizenship Education at Riverside. It seeks to nurture rooted and resilient citizens who are ready to take on future global challenges and possess strong civic consciousness in taking an active role in enhancing the lives of others around them. 


National Education messages are incorporated in the curriculum in various subjects such as English. Commemoration of the four National Education Core Events serves to inculcate strong citizenship and character education precepts in the pupils. The school’s SPARKLE values are also reinforced through these events to instil in our pupils a love for the nation as well as for people around them.



Total Defence Day 2016 


Annually, schools commemorate Total Defence Day (TDD) which falls on 15 February. TDD marks Singapore's fall to the Japanese in 1942 and serves to remind our students that Singapore is defensible and is worth defending and that we ourselves must defend Singapore. The theme of TDD 2016 is Together We Keep Singapore Strong.


To commemorate TDD, we have held recess activities from 15 to 19 February 2016 focusing on the 5 Pillars of Total Defence.



 Total Defence Recess Activity - Making Our Savings Bank



Invited Singapore Civil Defence Force and Singapore Police Force in for a roadshow where our pupils get to view and sit in Red Rhino and Police Patrol Car. 





Riverians Fire Fighting in Action.





A career talk given by Singapore Police Force.                       Riverians experiencing food rationing during Assembly Programme.



International Friendship Day 2016 


This year, the theme for International Friendship Day (IFD) is ASEAN. Singapore works with our ASEAN neighbours for peace and collaboration in the region. As we are part of this community, we need to develop our cross-cultural skills and relate to one another respectfully and effectively. We need to remain open to international flow of trade, ideas and talent which is critical to ASEAN’s growth as a region, and Singapore’s continued success as a nation.


We have lined up a series of exciting activities for our pupils to deepen their understanding of the relations that we share with our neighbouring countries. 



"Appreciating Diversity, Celebrating Friendship" - P1 PAL CultureWorks on International Friendship Day




Collaboration with Housing and Development Board to bring in The OHYAY! (Outreach to Young and Youth) Roadshow.




                                      Assembly Show for Commemoration of International Friendship Day                                     



Riverians locking their Arms in Friendship



Racial Harmony Day 2016


This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Day (RHD) is Our Cultural Heritage. Taking pride in one another's cultural heritage strengthens our collective identity. This contributes to building a resilient community which is vigilant and in times of crisis, responds decisively, recovers quickly and emerges stronger as one people.  



Riverians in their ethnic costumes



Commemoration Assembly for Racial Harmony Day. 


At Riverside Primary, through National Education, pupils are taught to be responsible to their family and community and, to understand their roles in shaping the future of the nation.