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Music education in Riverside Primary School aims to expose pupils to music in local and global cultures, enrich their experiences in music making and improvisation and demonstrate confidence and passion in music through musical performances. Music education in Riverside Primary School also aims to promote a school-wide culture of singing. 

Learning outside classrooms

Pupils are also given opportunities to learn outside the classroom through a variety of platforms during recess and assembly. An instance is the recess ‘Music Jam’ which provides pupils the opportunity to perform and showcase not only their musical talents but also what they have learnt in the classroom.


Music Jam

Aims of Music Jam

To bring out the artists in all Riverians through:

-          Exposure

-          Creativity

-          Confidence




Music Jam is a platform for pupils to showcase their musical talents and have fun making music together during their recess. 


Assembly Programme

Musicians and artists are invited to introduce pupils to various art forms and cultures. This creates opportunities for pupils to enjoy and appreciate music. 


Performers from The A Capella Society held an interactive assembly session by introducing vocal techniques to pupils and allowing some pupils to take part in making their own music. 


The Primary One and Two Curriculum Experience


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In Primary One and Primary Two, music teachers deliver engaging student-centric lessons in a safe and fun learning environment. Pupils learn essential musical concepts like steady beat, rhythm and dynamics. Pupils learn essential musical concepts like steady beat, rhythm and dynamics. Pupils will learn a variety of songs which will promote a culture of singing in the classroom.Pupils also have opportunities to use percussion and melodic instruments to showcase the concepts learnt. 


The Primary Three and Primary Four Curriculum Experience







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In Primary Three, pupils learn to play and perform a varied repertoire of songs using not only the voice but also instruments such as the boomwackers, recorder, keyboard as well as percussion instruments with the correct technique. In Primary Four, pupils will demonstrate the instrumental skills they have learnt in Primary Three through a variety of ensemble performance. Pupils will also be exposed to world percussion drumming.   

The Primary Five Curriculum Experience 

 In Primary Five, pupils will be exposed to music from both global and Singapore culture. This includes learning about Musicals, Singaporean folk songs and community songs. Pupils will also be exposed to playing of the ukulele with the correct technique.