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ICT in Teaching and Learning

Our Philosophy:    

To nurture every Riverians to be equipped with ICT skills to enable each of the individual to be innovative, responsible and independent life-long learner.   


Learning Actively, Acting Responsibly in a Technology-Rich World   ICT-Rich Curriculum Experience:   The school adopts a 4I Framework approach in providing an ICT-Rich Curriculum Experience for Riverians. 

ICT-Rich Curriculum Experience


The school adopts the 4I Implementation Approach in providing an ICT-rich curriculum experience for Riverians, namely Instruction, Integration, Immersion and Involvement.

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  • Instruction: Pupils develop baseline ICT skills through the progressive ICT Development Programme.
  • Integration: Pupils use technology tools in the learning of academic and non-academic subjects.
  • Immersion: Pupils are immersed in an e-culture and e-lifestyle with the use of the Learning Management System. The Learning Management System enables pupils to engage in self-directed learning, collaborative learning and home-based learning. Pupils also grow to be ethical and responsible users of technology through Cyberwellness lessons and other Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) programmes.
  • Involvement: Pupils have the opportunities to think inventively and express themselves creatively with the use of learning technologies.


ICT-Rich Curriculum: Highlights





Pupils experience the harnessing of

ICT tools in daily classroom lessons. 

P1 pupils learn Touchtyping

as part of baseline ICT skills development.



Pupils create art elements (e.g. dots and lines) using the Paint tool

and express themselves creatively according to a theme.



Pupils navigate the online interactive content

in the Learning Management System. 

Pupils access MOE subject (e.g. Chinese

Language) portals for engaged learning.



Baseline ICT Education @ RSPS:   

Riverside Primary School believes that all Riverians must be equipped with the Baseline ICT Standards to support pupils in learning and preparing them in an increasingly complex and information-rich world. These baseline standards are a basic set of ICT knowledge, skills and values develop to enable all Riverians to have the ICT-Rich Curriculum Experience in school.   

The ICT skills are catergorised into the following areas to support the ICT Experience @ RSPS. 


Cyber Wellness
Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of the internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in the cyberspace. The ICT Department adopts the MOE CW Framework to develop the pupil’s instinct to protect and empower him to take responsibility for his own well-being in cyberspace.
ICT Department has also supported Character and Citizenship Education Department and Pupils’ Guidance Management Department to nurture the pupils as responsible and independent digital learners through Cyber Wellness.

ICT Journey @ RSPS 
The ICT Department supports all Academic and Non-Academic Departments to infuse ICT into their curriculum.   

Pupils in Action: 
(A) Interactive P3 and P4 Mathematics Trail with iPads

ICT 3.png


(B) Primary 1 and Primary 2 ICT PAL Lessons

ICT 4.pngICT 5.jpg

(C) Interactive Science Lesson at Diversity Gardens

ict 6.png