Social Studies and National Education

Social Studies

The school's Social Studies programme strives to prepare pupils to be citizens of tomorrow by helping them to understand the interconnectedness in the world that they live in. It seeks to develop informed, concerned and participative citizens who can make responsible decisions and can contribute to society actively.

Our pupils are engaged  in varied ways during lessons through:

  • use of key understanding to reflect the main insights that pupils would gain through the study of each topic.
  • use of inquiry and guiding questions to enable pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the content.
  • emphasis on SPARKLES values to develop self-knowledge and the understanding of the feelings, experiences, needs and interests of others.
  • field-based learning journeys to help pupils explore surroundings and make connections to topics learnt.

At Riverside Primary, through National Education, pupils are taught to be responsible to their family and community and, to understand their roles in shaping the future of the nation.