Principal's Message


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe (by Anatole France).

Riverside Primary School was incepted in January 2013 when it opened its doors to 8 classes of P1 students. The school has since grown to a student enrolment of about 1370 across 6 levels from P1 to P6.

In 2016, MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside (MK@Riverside) was set up. It serves to provide quality education that is affordable to Singaporeans; pilot teaching and learning resources for sharing with the pre-school sector and; distil good practices for sharing with the pre-school sector. To date, MK@Riverside has a healthy enrolment of about 250 children and a staff strength of 22.

In Riverside Primary, we believe in the potential of the child in that every child is unique, every child can learn and succeed. Our work as educator is to provide the best possible conditions for every child to learn and grow to the best of his/her potential. Here in Riverside Primary, we do not see school as just a centre for the production of learning, it is a place in which educators work collaboratively to plan and teach with creativity, to deliver a total curriculum with an intent to help our children uncover their strengths and talents, cultivate their passion and interest, and most importantly, learn about themselves and believe that they all can succeed in their own way. We want our Riverians to discover their own unique identity; make sense of the environment around them; acquire the necessary skills, values, and dispositions to pursue their dreams and be the best they can be.

In Riverside Primary, we believe in forging a Home-School Partnership with parents that is purposeful and sustainable. In the coming years, I look forward to strengthening our partnership with parents through school events and various communication channels. It is my belief that with close partnership, parents will have a better understanding of their child’s schooling experience in Riverside Primary. In this way, parents will be able to provide the necessary family care, support, and reinforcement at homes for their children, motivate them to want to learn and enjoy the process of learning.

As in our school motto, Learning Together, Growing Together, Sparkling Together, we want to create an inviting school that will excite our Riverians in learning, reinforce their belief in themselves, and strive to be a lifelong learner so that they will be future ready and strive to be connected citizens of good character. This is our belief and our mission in Riverside Primary.

To all our Riverians, The Best from Each, A Better Future for All.

Tony Tan