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School Leaders and Key Personnel


Mrs Sharon Siew


(email) sharon_boey@schools.gov.sg  


Mdm Regina Khoo

Vice-Principal 1

(email) regina_khoo@schools.gov.sg  

Mrs Ranuka Palanivelu
Vice-Principal 2
(email) ranuka_palanivelu@schools.gov.sg

Ms Karin Neo

Vice-Principal (Administration)

(email) karin_neo@schools.gov.sg   


Ms Chan Yu Min Wendy

Head of Department, English Language

P5 Year Head

(email) chan_yu_min_wendy@moe.edu.sg


Mdm Ho Yan Yan

Head of Department, Mathematics

(email) ho_yan_yan@moe.edu.sg


Ms Ng See Tee

Head of Department, Mother Tongue Languages

P2 Year Head

(email) ng_see_tee@moe.edu.sg

Mr Bobby Chan 

Head of Department, Physical Education and Co-Curricular Activities

P4 Year Head

(email) chan_teck_hock_bobby@moe.edu.sg

Mdm Jacqueline Kho


(email) kho_ee_ling_jacqueline@moe.edu.sg

Ms Elizabeth Tay

School Staff Developer

(email) elizabeth_tay_ai_lyn@moe.edu.sg


Mrs Christina Muru

Subject Head, Pupil Management

P1 Year Head

(email) christina_s_zaccheus@moe.edu.sg


Mrs Fio Ng

Subject Head, Science
P3 Year Head


Mrs Yip Wenjun

Subject Head, Aesthetics

(email) huang_wenjun@moe.edu.sg  


Ms Goh Qi Qing

Subject Head, ICT

(email) goh_qi_qing@moe.edu.sg


Ms Ng Yuting

Subject Head, Chinese Language

(email) ng_yuting@moe.edu.sg


Mrs Sharon Sakthi

Subject Head, Mathematics

(email) pang_shu_fang_sharon@moe.edu.sg


Mr Eugene Yap

Subject Head, CCA

(email) eugene_yap_hern_an@moe.edu.sg

Mr Jeff Huang

Subject Head, Math

(email) huang_yaosheng@moe.edu.sg

Mrs Candice Yip

Subject Head, English

(email) chua_cheng_cheng_candice@moe.edu.sg

Ms Sherry Oh
Administration Manager

(email) sherry_oh@schools.gov.sg


Mr Teo Teck Lam

Operations Manager