A strong start for every child at MOE Kindergarten

We provide quality and affordable preschool education that builds your child’s confidence, social skills and foundation in literacy and numeracy.

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MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside


All MKs offer the same curriculum and programmes.
Each MK customises learning activities, teaching resources and approaches, and classroom spaces based on their children’s needs.

Every space a learning space

Our aim is to create time and space for

  • children to interact and form positive relationships with their peers and teachers
  • joyful, self-motivated learning


Promoting creativity, problem-solving and self-directed learning

Weeks of Wonder (WoW) Project: throughout the term, we develop the children’s capacity to learn independently by building their sense of curiosity, imagination, experimentation and discovery.


Kampung Riverside”, both indoors and outdoors, is a once a week experience that brings children out of their individual classrooms to learn how to

  • make friends with peers in the other K1 and K2 classes
  • make choices and decisions on what they want to play with and how

problem solve and become more independent

K2 Celebrates

We hold special K2 Celebrations to mark the completion of your child’s pre-school years. Our celebrations reflect our belief in a holistic view of pre-school children’s development. Instead of dressing in graduation gown and mortar board which places undue emphasis on the academic aspects of development, we place your child at the heart of the celebrations where he or she will be involved in planning and executing the celebrations, showing his or her capabilities and accomplishments.

What parents are saying

I’m so glad that I made the right choice in sending them to MK as I like the holistic approach in education and curriculum is very well paced. They were able to learn in a stress free conducive environment.

Their 2 years in MK is nothing short of amazing and wonderful memories. Most importantly, the teachers were very helpful and supportive in helping them to learn. I had absolute confidence and strong faith in their capabilities with their years of experience in teaching.

-Parent of Ashlyn and Kaeden Ang (K2 Class of 2017)


Abhinaya is doing great in Primary 2. All thanks to MK@Riverside. Her foundation was set perfectly by MK that she had no trouble settling in when she was in P1. We are always thankful and grateful to all the staff at MK for their care and guidance in handling each and every child with a personal touch. The management was always been approachable for any admin matters. Special thanks to Ms. Serena who had been a lovely and friendly principal who wears a positive smile every time we see her.

- Parent of Abhinaya (K2 Class of 2017) and Aryan (K1 Class of 2019)


Why I chose MK is that the curriculum encourages independent as well as team based learning experiences. Classrooms are bright and fun with a variety of toys for the children to play and explore. Zafeera is successful in her new school because of the foundation built through her education at MK. Special mention and kudos to Ms Shafinas, Ms Riyah and Aasiriyai Anu who knew her strength and gave her space and time to grow into a confident and independent girl. They have been fantastic in nurturing Zafeera and her peers and there seems to be a right balance in playing, exploring and studying.

- Parent of Zafeera Manha Binte Sujavudeen (K2 Class of 2018)
and Zaheena Manha Binte Sujavudeen (K1 Class of 2019)


As a parent of 2 boys, 7 and 4, who has graduated from and is currently attending MK@Riverside respectively, I would like to commend on the excellent work that Ms Serena Park and her team have put in since Day 1 when the school was set up. Because I was able to view the quality of work straddling 3 years, I could testify that Serena and her team have been consistently good in their efforts to interact with the kids and parents effectively.

- Parent of Kieran Ang (K2 Class of 2017) and Tristan Ang (K1 Class of 2019)