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Midday Snack Break

The school has implemented the midday snack break since 9 January 2017. Riverians clearly appreciate and enjoy the snack break as it helps them to sustain their energy level till the end of the school day. Parents are reminded to prepare healthy snacks which are easy for their child to manage during the 10-minute snack break in the classroom. It would be helpful for pupils to have wet wipes with them to clean up after the snack break.

The following table indicates items that are acceptable and those that are not acceptable for the snack break.


Acceptable Items  for Snack Break

Unacceptable Items  for Snack Break

1.     Biscuits

2.     Bun (e.g. red bean bun)

3.     Bread

4.     Sandwich

5.     Cereal (small box)

6.     Dried Fruit

7.     Energy Bar (e.g. muesli bar and oats bar)

8.     Slice of Cake (without cream)

9.     Fruit (e.g. apple and banana)

10.   Raisins

11.   Nuts

12.   Cheese Slice/Stick

13.   Carrot/Cucumber Stick

14.   Small Packet of Milo/Milk

1.     Fried Food
2.     Rice, Porridge and Noodles

3.     Sweets

4.     Chocolate Bar

5.     Tidbits (e.g. Potato Chips)

The midday snack break will take place in the classroom for 10 minutes during the period from 12.00pm to 12.30pm. Pupils will continue with their learning activities in the classroom while snacking.

If the period from 12.00pm to 12.30pm is conducted outside the classroom (e.g. PE lesson), the snack break may be rescheduled to an earlier or later period.

During the snack break, pupils are not allowed to go to the canteen to purchase food.

Sharing of food is not allowed. Exchange of food items is also not allowed.