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Arrival and Dismissal of Pupils

(A)   Arrival of Pupils in the Morning

To ensure safety of the pupils when they arrive at the school, the following road safety measures have been put in place.  We seek parents’ fullest cooperation and kind support in the implementation.


 Gates and Opening Hours




Opening Hours





Gate 1 (pedestrian gate)

School’s security post opposite the HDB flats

7.00am to 7.35am

1.45pm to 6pm

Gate 2 (vehicular entrance gate)

1.45pm to 6pm

Gate 3 (vehicular exit gate)

Near the school canteen and opposite Admiralty Secondary School

1.45pm to 6pm

Gate 4 (pedestrian gate)

1.45pm to 6pm


·        From 7.35 a.m., all school gates will be closed and parents are to drop off their children at the security post (Gate 1).


Pupils Walking to School

Parents walking their children to school are strongly advised to drop off their children at Gate 1 or Gate 4. Pupils are to walk safely into school to their classrooms. 


Pupils Driven to School


Parents driving their children to school should drive into the school via Gate 2 and let their children alight independently from the vehicle at the school foyer. Parents are then to drive out via Gate 3.

Parents are not to park their vehicles in the school carpark, as the limited parking lots are reserved for the school teachers and staff.

For the safety of your child, parents are reminded not to double-park at the alighting point.

(B)     Dismissal of Pupils


The dismissal arrangement for the pupils is as follows:

Mondays to Fridays: 

Gates 1 & 4 - Parents picking up their child from 1.30pm

Gates 2 & 3 (Vehicular gates) - Gates will only be opened from 1.45pm


(1) To ensure the smooth and safe dismissal of pupils, there will be no entry of parents and authorised adults into                       the school between 15 minutes before dismissal and 15 minutes after dismissal. During this“No Entry” period,                       there will be no sale of items at the school bookshop or at the school uniform counter.

(2) “No Entry” Period: Mondays to Fridays -  1.15pm to 1.45pm