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School Safety Matters

The safety of our pupils, our staff and the whole school community is our top priority. The school takes a vigilant and proactive approach to ensure a safe and health-promoting environment for all.


Our Safety Vision is “Safety for All in All Ways” to inspire our efforts to ensure a safe, secure and health-promoting environment for all pupils, staff and stakeholders to learn together, work together, grow together and sparkle together. The Vision also motivates us to take a comprehensive look at all aspects of safety, security and health.

The school seeks to ensure a safe, secure and health-promoting environment through the SPARKLE Safety Model:
Synergy among staff, pupils, parents and partners
Prevention as the cornerstone for safety

Action in safety procedures, routines and processes

Review for learning, improvement and excellence in safety practices

Knowledge for safety awareness and action through continuing education

Leadership for a culture of safety

Evidence-based and data-driven approach to safety programmes and responses



We seek the strong support and fullest cooperation from all parents for the following measures.

(A)   Safety of Pupils

A3)     “No Entry” Period for Parents and Authorised Adults

A4)      Road Safety of Pupils

                We would like to seek parents’ cooperation to work with the school in ensuring the safety of pupils

                coming to and leaving school. This is especially important as young children may not have the skills

                required to use roads properly and do not always fully appreciate the dangers presented. Their small

               physique also makes them less visible to motorists. 

               A4.1)   General Road Safety Advice for Pupils

     A4.2)    Safety Advice for Pupils who Cycle to School

               A4.3)    Safety Advice for Pupils taking School Bus

A6)     Safety of Pupils in Special Rooms

    A6.1)   Safety in Art Room
(B)   Health and Wellness of Pupils

B6)    No-Frills Birthday Celebrations

(C)   Emergency Preparedness

(D)   Positive School Tone of Care, Respect and Discipline


D1)    Responding to an Incident between Your Child and Another Pupil