Messages from the Principal

(25 September 2017) Webpage on School Safety

The safety and health of our pupils and the school community are our top priority. We have consolidated school safety measures and messages in a webpage for easy reference by parents, pupils and stakeholders. Please click on the link to access the webpage: 

School Safety Matters


(25 September 2017) Webpage on School Administrative Matters

We have consolidated the school administrative matters in a webpage for easy reference by parents, pupils and stakeholders. Information such as Payment of School Fees, MOE Financial Assistance Scheme, Insurance, Application for Admission, SNAC Notifications, School Smart Card and School Booklist has been included. Please click on the link to access the webpage:  

School Administrative Matters


2017 P1 Orientation for 2018 P1 Cohort on 17 November 2017

Official Opening Ceremony on 11 November 2016

Riverside Official Opening - Collage.jpg




MOE Kindergarten @ Riverside

MOE Kindergarten (MK) @ Riverside opened in Riverside Primary School in January 2016. It currently provides both the K1 and K2 programme. A Kindergarten Care service is also available for children enrolled in MK@Riverside.

For enquiries:

MK Office Number - 63627223

MK Email Address -


  MOE ExCEL Fest - With MOS and DGE


Applied Learning Programme - PlayWorks @ Riverside

PlayWorks is Riverside's original curriculum innovation and Applied Learning Programme to nurture Critical and Inventive Thinking in our Joyful and Productive Learners. PlayWorks engages our Riverians in critical and inventive thinking and collaborative problem solving, using different design materials and tools. There is a signature module at every grade level. Our Riverians also nurture values and build character through their involvement in PlayWorks.
The PlayWorks protocol has five inventive processes (Understand, Plan, Design, Build and Improvise) and three essential processes (Communication, Collaboration and Reflection). The "Sparkling with Character in Purposeful Play" framework spells out the behavioural expectations based on the school's SPARKLE Values. For example, Riverians are expected to demonstrate Perseverance by never giving up and Adaptability by being open-minded and flexible when engaged in PlayWorks.