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Safety in Science Laboratory


Pupils are to observe the following in the Science Laboratory:

1.   Laboratory storerooms and preparation rooms are out of bounds to all pupils.

2.   Long hair should be tied up neatly to avoid any interference with laboratory work.

3.   Eating and drinking are prohibited in laboratories.

4.   Watch the teacher’s demonstration closely and listen to the teacher’s instructions before attempting the experiment.

5.   Check with your teacher before handling any chemical.

6.   Chemicals or other materials must never be tasted unless specifically directed by the teacher.

7.   Hands must always be thoroughly washed before leaving the laboratory.

8.   Apparatus or chemicals must not be taken out of the laboratory without the permission of the teacher.

9.   Always handle science equipment with care.

10.Do not run in the laboratory.

11.Do not touch any spillage or breakage with your bare hands.
12.Report any breakage or spillage to your teacher or the laboratory technician immediately.