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Safety Advice for Pupils who Cycle to School

Taking into consideration the road safety hazards for cyclists, cycling to school is not the preferred mode of transport. Cycling
should only be for recreational purposes at safer places such as parks and on Park Connectors.  However, if parents have given
consent for your child to cycle to school, we would like to highlight the following safety rules for our pupil-cyclists.  We seek
parents’ involvement in reminding your child of these rules.


In School

1)        Dismount at Gate 1 or Gate 4 when entering the school and push the bicycle to the parking bay.



2)        Do not cycle on expressways, in road tunnels and in areas demarcated with prohibitive signs.

3)        Make sure that the bicycle is in good working condition, e.g. brakes, tyres, lights (front and rear) and bell are working;                   and chains are secure.

4)        Wear protective gear such as a properly secured helmet, shoes (with laces properly tied), elbow pads and knee pads.

5)        Give full attention to ensure safety for self and other cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. Do not use mobile phones and ear phones while cycling.

6)        Do not unreasonably obstruct or prevent free passage of a vehicle or pedestrian. Always give way to pedestrians when cycling on footpaths.

7)        Do not cycle across overhead pedestrian bridges or pedestrian crossings. Dismount and push your bicycle and practise proper kerb drills before crossing the road.

8)        Use the correct hand signals when turning left or right or when stopping. Show the hand signals in advance to enable other motorists to take appropriate action.

9)        Look to see if there are vehicles coming from the left and right before crossing at junctions with traffic lights.

10)      Stop the bicycle completely at “Give Way”and “Stop” signs.

11)      Do not carry a pillion rider.

12)      Do not cycle abreast.

13)      Do not ride in a zigzag manner.