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Safety Advice for Pupils taking School Bus

Procedures for Waiting for the Bus

1.           Be on time at the designated pick-up point.

2.           Stand on the sidewalk or away from the roadway while waiting for the bus.

3.           When the bus approaches form a line and be prepared to board immediately.

4.           Stand clear of the bus until it comes to a complete stop.

5.           Parents should instruct their children on the procedures to follow if they miss the bus.

Procedures for Boarding the Bus

6.           Do not push or shove.

7.           Use the handrail and steps.

Conduct on the Bus

8.           Put on seat belts when travelling on small buses at all times.

9.           Remain seated at all times. Standing is strictly prohibited.

10.        Having normal conversation is permitted; however, loud noises may distract the driver.

11.        Scuffling, fighting, and the use of obscene, vulgar or profane language and gestures are forbidden.

12.        Do not throw objects inside or outside of the bus.

13.        Sit facing forward for the duration of the trip, and keep feet on the floor in front and out of the bus aisle.

Getting off the Bus

14.        Stay seated until the bus has completely stopped.

15.        Do not push or shove.

16.        Use the handrail and steps.

17.        Do not chase or hang on to the bus at any time. If any article drops or rolls near or under the bus, do not go after it. Go to the                 door of the bus and ask the driver for help.

Crossing the Street or Road

18.        Check for traffic in both directions and walk directly across the road.

19.        Do not cross the road directly in front of or directly behind the bus.
20.       Where possible, cross all streets at intersections. Obey all traffic signals and signs.