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General Road Safety Advice for Pupils

  1. Pupils are advised to cross the road at designated pedestrian crossings, overhead bridges, underpasses or traffic lights.
  2. While crossing the road, practice the kerb drill. That is, stop at the kerb, look to your right, look to your left and look to your right again.  If the road is clear, raise your hand and cross the road.
  3. Be focus while crossing the road.  Do not play with your friends or use any electronic devices.
  4. While crossing the road at traffic lights, ensure the “Green Man” is on before you cross.  Do not dash across the road when the “Green Man” is flashing.
  5. Always use the footpath while walking and keep to the left. 
  6. Be alert for inattentive/careless drivers even at signalized crossings.
  7. Do not cross in between parked vehicles or in front of any stationary vehicles.
  8. Remember “Always Be Careful”.